Framestory Studio and Webstore with THAI Cuisine Catering Services just added!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome to fulfill your sonic dreams at Framestory Music Production & Live Recording studio!
We create the sound that riches your homedemo sounds at new level with dynamics and high´s and low´s that pump like a wall of Marshall stacks!

New Framestory Alive Single out!
Alive 2018 mp3 with Alexandra

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New Single out!
Alive mp3


Palvelut / Studio Services

* Music creation/audio engineering recording/mixing/mastering.
* Live recording, 4 recording rooms with control room,15 minutes from Helsinki.
* Mobile recordings at concert events with mobile recording setup.
* Analog hardware production with Class-A tube technologies.
* Digital computerized postproduction with Apple or PC
* ISRC coding.
* CD/DVD replication for physical discs and Factory replication added also.
* Video editing and shooting.
* Song writing and arrangements combined for your every need.
* Thai kitchen food catering possible with or without studio reservations.
* Thai massage services possible with studio sessions.

Gsm: +358458508448
Y-tunnus: 2821164-3


Laitteisto / Studio Devices

Studio Mikrofonit / Studio Microphones:

Röde NTK (large diagram tube-condenser microphone for vocals).
A.I.R. Liberator (large diagram tube-condenser microphone).
SE Electronics 2000 (large diagram condenser microphone for Instruments and room sound).
JTS TX drum and headover microphones for drums).

Etuasteet / Preamps:

DBX 586 tube preamp
BBE 651 SCV preamp with effects
Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box Preamp
Behringer Ultragain 2200 tube preamp

Efektiprosessorit / Effect Processors:

DBX Pro Vocal
DBX 1046 Quad Compressor
Lexicon MX400
DBX 231 EQ

Vintage Vahvistimet / Vintage Amplifiers:

Marshall Jcm2000 Dsl 100 tube amplifier with Marshall 1984 Jcm800 4×12 Cabinet
Marshall SE100 and Marshall 9000 power amplifier
Fender PA 100 tube amplifier with Fender Cabinets
Mesa/Boogie Strategy 400 Stereo tube power amplifier with H&K 4×12 Cabinet

Tama Swingstar (Japan)

Äänipöydät / Mixers:

Soundcraft GB2 with Gb30 preamps
Samson TXM 16 Dsp

Tallentimet / Digital Workstations and Recorders:

Cimatic Live Recorder 16 ch for mobile recordings anywhere.
Zoom HD 16 Recorder
Zoom HD 8 Recorder
Tascam DV-RA1000HD Mastering Recorder

Ota Yhteyttä / Contact:

Gsm: +358458508448
Y-tunnus: 2821164-3